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10 Ways To Upgrade Your Fashion Designing Knowledge

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Fashion Designing Knowledge

Fashion designing is a lucrative career for those who have got creative skills. If you are creative and want to pursue fashion designing as a career, you should continuously upgrade your designing skills apart from what you are learning in fashion designing courses. Along with fashion design courses, there are various channels to upgrade the knowledge and hone the skills without spending any money on training. Following are the various channels to upgrade fashion designing knowledge for free –

1.Know your USP

Like every person is blessed with a unique talent, you must know your USP. To understand your unique selling point (USP) you must raise yourself different questions about your skill. Know how your creative skills and list how your fashion designing skills would help your customers with a different service. Your USP will help you in impressing your clients easily and retaining them for a long time.

2. Boost your drawing skills

While pursuing your fashion designing course, you should be strong with your drawing and sketching skills. If you get a chance to work for a designing firm, you will be assigned a lot of sketching work. Hence, keep practicing your drawing and sketching skills which is the first step to your fashion career.

3. Communication skills are important

As a successful fashion designer, your communication should be strong. You may have to interact with many clients and understand their requirements, as well as convince them to your design. All these requirements, a lot of interactive expressions which you should develop by listening to various speakers, and practicing before the mirror.

4. Learn about fabrics and materials

India stands third in the world for cotton production. Cotton is considered the pride of India and as a fashion designer, you need to learn how to play with traditional fabrics and portray them in a new style. Try to learn more about Indian fashion and experiment on giving it a new fashionable look. Moreover, fashion designing institutes teaches different types of fabrics through their fashion design courses to the students.


Constant networking is the key to success in any career. Networking helps in establishing good contacts in the fashion industry which will not just help in learning new concepts but also helps in bringing bigger opportunities. By being a part of different fashion communities, groups, and platforms, you can nurture your fashion career with strong professional relations.

6.Online educational groups

Join few online educational groups that are live on WhatsApp, Insta, and other platforms. Such online groups help in honing the skills and keep you updated with international exposure. There are many online tools and channels for fashion designing and you get a chance to select and be a part of the groups of your interest.

7.Experiment Indian and global fashion

Fashion is not limited to any national boundaries. To appear as a strong fashion designer, you should be able to collaborate with Indian fashion with the global fashion industry.

8.Embrace internet technology

There is a lot of knowledge available on the internet and it depends on you how you can acquire and use it in improving your fashion designing skills. Data like talks of fashion gurus, practical recordings, industry visits, fashion designer interviews, articles and blogs, videos, and much much free stuff is available online which can be put to better use in the fashion career.

9.Follow and be-friend with experienced designers

Many Indian fashion designers have gained recognition even in foreign lands. Follow such experienced fashion designers and fashion industry leaders to inspire yourself from their work and dedication.

10.Build your portfolio

Rather than being skilled, it is significant to portray your quality work. Create your portfolio that should describe your strengths, USPs, and experience. Take help from your institute too, as they will have a better idea of creating a solid portfolio that matches your personality.

There are many fashion designing institutes in Hyderabad but IDI institute for fashion and interior design is one among the few best that offer Diploma in fashion designing courses. While attaining a diploma course, the student can acquire in-depth knowledge of fashion designing and by practicing the above free upgrades, one can easily gain a hold on the subject.

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