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2 Resolutions that you should made this year to succeed in fashion designing career

Are you a student and is willing to fly over the world of fashion with your skills? Wait! Having developed technical skills is not just enough in creative industry, it demands More of You from You. I know, I am sounding little tricky. Let me make it simpler with the two checklist on your resolutions for 2019:

I. Eat, sleep and live your dream:

Am I getting more difficult? Oops! Infact fashion designing is difficult and if you don’t implicit yourself with your passion, how can you succeed? Now, I am sounding great. Isn’t it? Yes, to be a successful fashion designer live your dream, relate every aspect of your life with your dream. Look around yourself, there are so many things that you can redesign and reinvent. The dress you wear, your mom’s sarees, your sister’s uniform, night wears, your dad’s kurta, and many more. You can be a fashion consultant for them. Use them to exhibit your talent and moreover these are the only ones who don’t demand for refund on mistakes.

II. Follow all fashion journals:

I know there are many and I don’t mean to say follow thousands of them. Follow only that are prominent, that are valuable. Become a member of national and international social media fashion groups, read the latest trends and upcoming events on fashion, follow fashion blogs, view videos of fashion designers, and read the biography of atleast one successful fashion designer. All these will count your knowledge and improve your skills.

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