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5 tips on how to look hot in this chilling-winter

Winter is in! Welcome to the season of bulky sweaters, shawls, woollen caps and everything that you need to make yourself warm. All our fashionable clothes, trendy accessories, and stylish wedges are to be kept aside. But hold on! Winter is drowsy and lazy, we are not. The fashion designing students of IDI has some stylish tips that can make you look hot even in this chilling winter. Instituto Design Innovation is a prominent fashion designing institute in Himayathnagar, Hyderabad. IDI offers various short-term and diploma courses in fashion designing.


Tips on how to look hot in this chilling winter


1. Master your layering game –

This winter wear something light with heavy sweater or shawl, like, silk and woollen. But don’t wear heavy and bulky together. Wear contrast colors, i.e., your woollen jacket should be in contrast color to that of your shirt. If in doubt, match with scarf. Scarfs are a great way to be versatile and easiest ways to match the colors.

2. Boots ahead –

Its time for your rough, tough leather boots that you never wanted to wear because of their hard texture. You can also wear them with knee length socks or matching boot toppers.

3.Tie yourself with a belt –

Best is the best accessory that give a different look to your jacket or sweater. Tie the one that matches with your attire. You can experiment with broad belts with big buckles.

4. Invest in good hats –

Winter is going to last for another two months, so invest in a hat or two that are of your choice. You can wear woollen caps that are trendy, and different types of hats.

5. Cover yourself with fur –

Fur can be your best buddy in winter. Wear it as much as you can in the form of scarf, collar, add-on to jacket, fur gloves and anything that you want to experiment wildly.

Every season can be fashionable provided we are willing to offer some creative eye to it. If you are still in doubt and not able to decide on your wardrobe, consult IDI students.

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