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7 elements of Interior design and how to use them

Using the elements of interior designing in a harmonious way not just increases the functionality but also gives a better look of it. A good interior designer assesses the room according to these elements and then enhances the various features or flaws of it. Let’s see seven of the main elements:
1. Space:
Utilising what you have and giving a best form from the resources available is the primary function of an interior designer. As a designer your boundaries are restricted up to room space and whatever space is available should be used appropriately maintaining the balance all over.
2. Line:
Horizontal, diagonal and vertical lines helps to shape the room’s appearance. By using lines in furnishing, furniture or wall textures, you can create harmony, and unity.
3. Form:
Form is the shape of the room which is measured in three dimension – length, width and height. It can be the shape of main interior objects like table, wardrobe, sofa, bed, etc. The three dimensional form of the object brings harmony to the room when matched with each other.
4. Light:
Light is the foremost element as in the absence of which all other elements will not be able to display their potentiality. It can be man-made or natural sun light. It is again categorised into task lighting (purpose defined), mood lighting (creating ambience), and accent lighting (emphasising objects).
5. Colour:
Colour is an extremely important element and is a science in itself. Playing with colours gives you the ability to create mood, harmony and perception of large or small space.
6. Texture:
A good interior designer mixes the textures within the given space to create a subtle look and detail. It can be done through wall, accessories, fabric, etc.
7. Pattern:
Pattern adds an appeal to a room which can be created by using wall papers, rugs, furnishings, and fabrics. They are of different types like geometric, floral, animal prints, motifs, etc. that can give a different look to the room. All these elements form the basic study of interior designing course. IDI – Instituto Design Innovation is leading interior designing institute in Hyderabad that teaches you everything from basics to advanced. For more details, visit our home page: www.idi.co.in
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