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Can stitching be upgraded to fashion designing

Do you know pattern making and stitching? Great! Then you are qualified to be a fashion designer.

Pattern making and stitching are the basics in fashion designing that every designer must learn. When you have learnt pattern making and you practice too, then you have more potential to be a successful fashion designer. Let us see how pattern making and stitching skills can give you success in fashion designing:

a) Stitching is the complex subject:

Stitching and pattern making though form the basic modules in fashion designing, they are difficult to learn. The subject teaches you the skill of tailoring and the smallest stitching techniques that are crucial. When you have learnt them, then it gets easy for you to upgrade yourself to fashion designing.

b) You know the technicalities:

Fashion designing is almost about apparel making, how you design matters! You will succeed in designing a best costume only when you know the intricacies of pattern making. Your pattern making skills reflects your conceptual knowledge. Even the skill of pleating, hand-embroidery, bow making, frills, pockets, etc. gives you confidence while designing any costume. Being good in pattern making will help you in putting your creativity on paper.

c) Client interaction is must:

When you serve clients on stitching projects, you will get an opportunity to understand your customers. Being standing face-to-face with them gives you confidence and blows your interactive and negotiating skills. Though these skills are not professional taught but they need to be acquired by experience. Ultimately, being a fashion designer you have to work for people and you must have the skill of handling them.

Pattern Making and Stitching is a full-time as well as part-time course in IDI- Instituto Design Innovation. IDI is located at a prime area in Hyderabad and host a comfortable campus. When you pursue pattern making and stitching course from IDI, you can upgrade yourself to fashion designing anytime later. For more details about our courses, visit our home page: www.idi.co.in

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