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Fashion Designing Career during Post COVID

Fashion Designing Career During Post Covid

COVID-19 has been the deadliest of the pandemics that the world has experienced in the past hundred years. The pandemic has impacted the fashion tastes of everyone and has redefined the new fashion to go with ‘new normal’. Though the lockdown has enabled people to get used to pajamas and shorts, life is now evolving again and fashion enthusiasts are looking for new styles. On other hand, even though the fashion designing courses were on hold for some time, the fashion designing institutes made constant efforts to provide passive training. Fashion designing institutes like IDI continuously observed the pulse of the pandemic recession and did not let a massive gain in the supply chain of the fashion industry.

Facts from the fashion industry about the fashion designing career during post-COVID

Monisha Jaising, the trending fashion designer of India believes that India has a high population of youngsters who are aspirational who love fashion and want to experience the whole lifestyle experience. She says, “Post-COVID they will definitely want value for money. They are going to look at the longevity of the products”. With the lockdown, most people have started working from home, and as a result, their fashion choices have also changed, agrees Monisha.

Many fashion designers are positive about fashion designing careers during post-COVID era. Each one of them are making their best to pull-back the industry to evolve for the ‘New normal’. As we know, there will be a silver lining at the end of every storm. Though the pandemic was tough to the entire economy, the post COVID time is expected to bring a lot of new opportunities to the aspiring fashion designers. The fashion designing industry is evolving and will continue to evolve in the future too, creating higher demand for the competent fashion designers.

The fashion designing institutes are thinking beyond their regular course structure to imbibe topics that are relevant to present and upcoming fashion trends impacted by COVID. Their fashion designing courses are now equipped with the required knowledge and skills for the changing trends.

At IDI, we believe that the market will show an uptrend with new vigor and dynamics. Therefore, we have aligned our fashion designing courses to the most useful time-relevant processes. Our faculty members are taking that extra zeal to make every student competent for the post COVID challenges. We are doing our best to help every student to acquire time-relevant skills that would enable taking the fashion designing glory to the new level.

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