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Interior Designing Vs. Interior Decorator

Often, people use the terms ‘Interior Design’ and ‘Interior Decoration’ interchangeably. But they are not synonyms; they both represent different meanings. Interior designing is the superset of interior decoration. Let us understand with more differences:


Interior Designing is an art and science of creating functional spaces in accordance to people’s behaviour or choice, whereas, Interior Decoration involves the furnishing or enhancing the beauty of a space.


Interior Designing requires a professional qualification and formal training. As Interior Decorators focuses on aesthetics, formal training or qualification is not required. To obtain conceptual knowledge, they can join short-term interior designing course.


In some states or provinces, the interior designers should get registered with a government council to serve as a professional interior designer.As the professional certificate is not mandatory, interior decorators don’t have to register with any government councils.


Designer main function is to do space planning. They are also involved with decoration.Decorators main function is to beautify the space given as per the client’s choice.


Interior Designers are hired when you have to reconstruct or remodel the space, they also deal with details like working with contractors.Interior Decorators are hired when you have to do makeover of a particular room or space and don’t have time and knowledge to handle it on your own.

Which one you should choose?

Interior Decoration is a part of Interior Designing. If you are short of time, then you can quickly start with a short-term course in interior designing and later can upgrade to full-time interior designing course, as time permits.

IDI –Instituto Designing Innovation

Instituto Designing Innovation is an interior designing institute located at prime location in Hyderabad. IDI offers Short-Term Course in Interior Designing which is meant for both interior designer and decorator. Apart from this, IDI also offers Diploma course in Interior Designing for one year and two years respectively. These full-time courses are a best choice if you want to be a full-fledged interior designer. For more details, visit our website: www.idi.co.in

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