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Looking for Weekend Course in Interior Designing – Join IDI Today

Interior designing has been a dream of many but only those who could avail the opportunity provided by Instituto Design Innovation can realize them.

Are you a working professional, housewife or a student and want to learn Interior Designing? Is your full-time job or studies are not allowing you to opt for a training program and become an Interior Designer? Instituto Design Innovation introduces Interior Designing Weekend Course for the benefit of all such aspiring students who have been looking for an opportunity to realize their dream of learning and becoming a professional interior designer. The weekend course is of immense importance to every such student who wants to pursue a course in Interior Designing along with other full-time work or studies.
The Interior Designing Weekend Course as introduced by IDI, Hyderabad is conducted once a week. The classes will be held on every Saturday, full day so that the students can able to spend productive time on their learning. The weekend course is not compromised on the syllabus and it encapsulates the different designing concepts, graphics and drawing, color theory, model making, construction material, designing services and many more. The course curriculum comprises of classroom training, workshops and site visits. The number of students for the weekend class has been restricted so that personal attention can be provided to every student.

Best Features of Interior Designing Weekend Course:
Weekend training:

The IDI’s new interior designing course conducts weekend training classes so that those who are engaged in other full-time activities like job or study or cannot take out time throughout the week due to their busy schedule can attend a one day class in a week.

Vast course syllabus:

The course curriculum of the weekend training covers various concepts of interior designing, color theory, model making, material and designing services, etc. that gives an opportunity to avail the benefits of fulltime training.
Suitable for working people and students:
The course is well-suited for working people, students or housewives as they cannot spare time to attend regular classes. They can spend one day a week which will usually be a weekend holiday.

Practical exposure:

Though the interior designing is a weekend course, it is not limited to only classroom training. It also involves site visits, workshops, model making, etc. so that students besides gaining knowledge can also get industry exposure.

Placement and internship assistant:

Instituto Designing Innovation (IDI) provides a great opportunity to the part-time learners of weekend interior designing course by giving them internship and placement opportunity so that they continue to excel in their career and realize their dream.

Career opportunity:

The weekend course in interior designing is a potential career opportunity to the aspiring students. After completing this course, the students can take up the career as a freelancer or can even switch on as a fulltime designer in the industry. Either way, it is a win-win situation to the students.
Overall, a weekend course in interior designing is a lifetime opportunity to realize your dream of being a designer. So, without looking for further options or delays, act now and start learning to fly on the clouds of interior designing industry.

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