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Tailoring and Stitching Course

Course in Pattern Making & Stitching

Advance Course in Pattern Making & Stitching

Advance Course in Pattern Making & Stitching 

The one-year Advance Course in Pattern Making and stitching is a two-semester course that covers the formal education and training on garment making. Pattern making is a vital profession in the fashion industry. 

Certificate Course in Pattern Making & Stitching

Certificate Course in Pattern Making & Stitching 

The Certificate Course in Pattern Making & Stitching is a six months course with a single semester. It is a budget-based course for those who cannot go for the long-term and want to learn the required skills of pattern making.

Short-term Course in Pattern & Stitching

Short-term Course in Pattern & Stitching

The Short Term Course in Pattern Making and Stitching is a crash course for 3 months duration. The course is targeted for those who want to learn the subject and want to explore it by themselves…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of courses offered by tailoring classes in Hyderabad?

The tailoring institutes in Hyderabad offer stitching patterns of different styles for kids and women. The age and gender of a person guide the tailor about the stitching pattern. A good tailoring course should include all the types of stitching which are commonly worn by people of different age groups. Many institutes in Hyderabad provide stitching and tailoring courses as a module in their fashion designing course which may not help the students who desire to learn tailoring course as a specialized subject. Instituto Design Innovation (IDI) has a dedicated subject on Stitching and Pattern Making that covers different styles of garment making for kids and women. The major inclusions in the course are summarised as follows –

  • Kidswear – different type of baby girl
  • Women wear – Different Indian styles and Western for casual and formal wear

These different styles of stitching will help you in growing as a full-fledged tailoring expert.

2. What is the minimum eligibility criteria to pursue a course in tailoring?

To pursue a course in stitching or tailoring you don’t need a specific academic qualification. The subject has the least to do with your academic track. Though there are institutes that ask for matriculation (10th standard) as a basic qualification to join the tailoring course with Instituto Design Innovation (IDI) there is no such restriction. IDI believes that tailoring is a personal choice in which the students can either use it for themselves or can establish their business.
IDI of course look for following pre-requisites to join is Stitching and Pattern Making course

  • Understanding of different equipment used in tailoring
  • Interest to learn and explore
  • Creative thinking
  • More importantly, patience. 

While stitching a garment, one should be prepared with the design and then draft a step-by-step process to achieve the desired result. A small mistake may ruin the entire appearance of the garment. Hence, the students who are willing to pursue should have a strong desire to learn the process correctly, and practice it many numbers of times.

3. What is the duration of a tailoring course in Hyderabad?

Tailoring cannot be learned overnight and it requires a lot of time and dedication to learn everything perfectly. As a small mistake in cutting or stitching a garment may spoil the garment, a thorough practice in the subject is mandatory. The institutes in Hyderabad offer both short-term and long-term courses in tailoring. Instituto Design Innovation (IDI) offers Stitching and Pattern Making course in three durations –

Sometimes, the students may find difficulty in learning the stitching of a few garments and they may prolong their learning. IDI gives personal attention to every student and helps them in coping with the difficulty so that they can be on-track with other students.

4. How much do tailoring institutes in Hyderabad charge as fees?

The tailoring course is often delivered by many people who are experienced tailors. They train students on tailoring and stitching without any certificate or regularization and the fee that they charge differs area-wise or monthly basis. There is no standard fee that every institute should charge for the tailoring course. Instituto Design Innovation (IDI) has three courses in Stitching and Pattern Making and the course fee that they charge is different for all three courses. To understand, whether the fee for tailoring course is reasonable to ensure the following –

  • The course should cover different styles of a garment making both western and Indian for women.
  • The institute has required space and machinery to learn and practice garment stitching.
  • The trainers give personal attention to every student.
  • The tailoring course, either short-term or long-term, should be certified.

The curriculum for the tailoring course at IDI is vast enough to include different types of garment styles. The premise is comfortably situated in the main city of Hyderabad and is connecting with all the commuting facilities. IDI has industry-machinery so that its students should learn every at a professional standard and become competent in handling the entire garment making business individually. The popularity of IDI in the field of designing makes the students of tailoring to gain recognition in the market. Moreover, the students have the liberty to join fashion designing after completing stitching and pattern making the course at the institute.

5. What is the Career after the tailoring course?

The students join the tailoring course either for individual purposes or to establish their own business. The tailors are also found as a helping hand to the fashion designers. The main drawback of the typical tailors is that they work in the backend in making the entire garment and the fashion designer receives the entire credit. No doubt, that the fashion designers are skilled and creative, but the job of tailors should not be ignored. With the growth in the glamorous industry, the demand for tailors has reached heights. The tailors or pattern makers have bigger potential in different segments.
The Stitching and Pattern Making course of Instituto Design Innovation helps students in learning different concepts on tailoring and consider various career prospects in tailoring. A student of IDI after completing the Stitching and Pattern Making course can have a career as –

  • Tailoring business
  • Designer boutique
  • Patternmaker
  • Garment designer
  • Personalized pattern maker and tailor, and many more.
    The students can exploit the job prospects in the business sectors like retailing, film-industry, television, event designers, hospitals, etc. There is ample opportunity for students of IDI to learn and acquire new possibilities in the industry with the help of the institute.
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