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Course in Photography

Advance Course in Photography

Advance Course in Photography

Advance Course in Photography is of one-year duration that teaches you fine details of photography techniques. The course has 2 semesters along with practicals an 

Certificate Course in Photography

Certificate Course in Photography

The 6-months Certificate Course in Photography has one semester that allows the students to explore their passion for photography. The course outlines the entire curriculum of photography as a subject…

Short-term Course in Photography

Short-term Course in Photography

The short-term course in Photography is for 3 months duration and is meant for the students who want to understand the details of photography and explore them on their own. The course curriculum is designed in a way that as a fresher…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best institute to learn photography in Hyderabad for beginners?
There are many institutes in Hyderabad offering photography course and it is not easy to name one among them. The best institute to learn photography need not be the one that is popular in the town, but it is the one that makes you competent to be a good photographer. The institutes like IDI – Institute Design Innovation offers photography training at a different level. It not just helps you with the insightful knowledge of different types of photography, but also gives you the confidence of exploring new cameras.
When looking for the best photography institutes in Hyderabad, you should look for the following –

    • Verify the curriculum and understand whether it covers the different shooting modes, shooting zones, etc.
    • Ensure that the course should give you detailed knowledge of photography.
    • The course should help you in understanding the different cameras and make you learn their uses.
    • Photography is more about practicals and therefore, the course curriculum should provide enough practical exposure to the students.
    • The institute should give complete support to their students during and after the training.

    IDI goes out of the way to give practical learning to its students and that is what makes IDI the best institute for photography in Hyderabad.

2. What is the duration of photography courses in Hyderabad?
Photography institutes offer courses which are based on exterior and interior photography styles of different durations. Photography is a vast subject and a course should be a combination of detailed and core explanations of the topics. Few institutes offer short-term or crash-course in photography which maybe for a month, but it is important to verify the course curriculum which the institute will be covering in the crash courses.

The leading institutes in Hyderabad like IDI – Instituto Design Innovation offers a photography course of three different durations, which are as follows –

  • Advanced Course in Photography (1 year)
  • Certified Course in Photography (6 months)
  • Short-term Course in Photography (3 months)

IDI offers crash-course on a one-on-one basis if the student insists. If you want to be a professional photographer and want to acquire photography skills of different styles, then it is advisable to go for Advanced Course in Photography. As a fresher, you can join a short-term course in photography and anytime later can update to certified and advanced courses.

3. What kind of career prospects does a photography course provide?
In earlier days photography career was limited to only model photography and event photography. In India, event photography used to be mostly for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Outdoor photography or wild photography used to be performed as a form of hobby and not a profession. Photography today has taken a new leap in the form or rising profession.
Among many popular photography institutes, IDI – Instituto Design Innovation is one of the leading institutes because of the vast knowledge that each of its photography courses provides. Because of the detailed conceptual explanation, the students can explore the following career prospects in photography –

  • Wild-life photography
  • Exterior photography
  • Modeling photography
  • Event photography
  • Television photography
  • Research photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Photojournalist
  • Freelance photographer
  • Commercial photographer… and many more.

Photography is an art and when you have the knowledge of different cameras and lenses and learn the skill of photography settings, you can soon become a professional photographer in the career prospect of your choice.

4. Will I need to bring my own camera to the photography class?
May, or may not. Initially, you may not have to bring your camera to the photography class. Later, when the course progresses, you can get your camera and practice on it. Photography institutes including Instituto Design Innovation (IDI) begin the training with theoretical classes where mostly the terminology, photography experiences, and other techniques are taught. After a thorough understanding of the concepts, students are taught about different types of cameras and lenses. The basic camera from the institute is used to explain the parts and their functioning. IDI trainers suggest the students about the type of lenses required for different photography styles. Accordingly, the students are advised to buy the cameras which they can use to explore in the class and also make themselves comfortable with its usage and carry the same for professional works.

IDI suggest the students of photography course about –

  • The type of camera used for different purposes.
  • The lenses that are meant to be carried out based on the photography purpose.
  • The brand of camera and where it can be bought.
  • The basic repairs can be fixed during an emergency.
  • Dealing with repairs and service outlets of the camera vendors.
  • Maintenance and carrying camera and lenses.

Everything else that a professional photographer should know about the cameras and make the best of them.

5. Do photography institutes in Hyderabad offer placements?
Not all photography institutes in Hyderabad offer placements. Many students learn photography to work as freelance commercial photographers. Also, there are institutes offering photography courses for the sake of it and do not really provide career guidance. The growth of digital media has created a lot of potential opportunities in the field of photography and the media sector is thriving to take the fresh talent from recognized institutes like Instituto Design Innovation.
IDI has its roots deep in the industry and is quite known among the media companies, event organizers and other companies requiring professional photographers. Due to its good track record of students, IDI is able to make good relations with them which they exploit them for the benefit of their students. The companies often share the requirements of different photography skills with IDI and which is then passed on to the students. IDI also make efforts in helping students in attending interviews, creating portfolios and getting the jobs. If the students want to establish their own business or work as a freelance, IDI also guide them on the same lines. IDI ensures that the skills acquired by its students should be used for their career growth.
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