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Significance of site visits to the interior designing students – IDI’s perspective

If you are in the notion that being an interior designer you will be making sketches of the space designs and giving it to the architecture or person in-field, then you are absolutely wrong! As an interior designer, your job is not to sit in a closed air-conditioned room and make the designs for the clients. Your presence is equally required at the site where the construction or the work is going. You need to be present at the site and understand the placement in real-time and only then you can deliver quality work as per the client’s requirement.
When it comes to learning, many institutes concentrate on classroom training and the making of models for the sake of practicals. Instituto Design Innovation (IDI) believes in the practical mode of learning and therefore, conduct site-visits periodically. The students are taken to construction sites accompanied by their trainer to learn from real-time situations. The students are taught various designing concepts and the site visits help them in the areas of –

  • Material used
  • Work planning and allocation
  • Space planning
  • Application of Vastu
  • Understanding electrical fittings
  • Guiding on plumbing work
  • Color selection based on the room
  • Lighting concepts
  • Designing of bedroom, kitchen, dining and other rooms
  • Exterior designing, and many more.

Only when a student visits a construction site, he/she can able to make better space planning. It is only Instituto Design Innovation (IDI), a renowned interior designing institute in Hyderabad, that understands the significance of practical learning and hence, conduct regular site visits for its students. IDI is centrally located in Himayathnagar, Hyderabad and is a preferred institute to learn, excel and establish as a leading interior designer.

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