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Visit to Pochampally Handloom Park Ltd. (PHPL)

IDI (Instituto Design Innovation) took their fashion designing students to Pochampally Handloom Park Ltd., Pochampally. Around 100 students of IDI accompanied this visit and we were welcomed by Mr. Luv Kumar, Director of Pochampally Handloom Park. He explained to our students the importance of pochampally fabric and the procedure involved in weaving the handloom.

Pochampally Handloom is popularly known for its unique style of weaving, designing & dye. The fabric is the result of Vinoba Bhave’s “Bhoodan Movement” back in 1951. Originally, pochampally weaving started with its unique Ikat fabric along with other traditional weaves and the handlooms were innovated for the first time in the year 1999. Other techniques like tie & dye with natural dyes on cotton, silk or cotton and silk blend will allow the color to retain for a long time added with durability. The pochampally products range from simple handbags to luggage bags, sarees to dress materials or fabrics, men’s wear, home décor, furnishings, and many more.

The visit to Pochampally weaving site enlightened our students with the intricate procedures of weaving and designing the final output.

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