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Best fashion and interior designing colleges in Hyderabad, We pride ourselves on our close understanding of business and industry. This helps us to make sure our teaching and research is relevant to the needs of modern businesses. We have many partnerships with businesses both local and global. We work hard to ensure that the key messages from our research projects are communicated so that the country can benefit. We meet the challenges of the creative future with a highly contemporary and global outlook, with state-of-the-art facilities. We are engaged in current professional practice, conduct world-class research, and share a commitment to quality in the teaching they provide. Our students are a source of great pride to us: whether achieving employment at a high level or receiving prestigious awards, they reflect in their accomplishments the quality and relevance of the School’s innovative programmers in art and design. Efficient sewing machines and dress forms for different purposes equip the pattern-making lab and the textile lab with modern equipment which is built with the purpose of testing the quality of different fabrics.

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